Whatcom Marketing Eliminates Social Media Barriers for Small Businesses

Ferndale, WA – September 19, 2011

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter provide small businesses a very cost-effective way to attract new customers and build their referral business. But it is something they are often not able to take advantage of due to time and expertise constraints. This is why Whatcom Marketing has launched a number of social media management services that enable small business owners to enjoy the benefits of a solid social media strategy without the significant time investment and risk of embarrassing themselves by working without a plan or strategy.

Most small to mid-size businesses owners work long hours just to keep up with day-to-day operations, customer service, bookkeeping, building maintenance and whatever marketing they can make time for. So the increasing number of success stories coming from businesses using social media channels become nagging reminders of another one of those things they should be doing but do not have time for and are not quite sure where to start. And they are likely right.

Social media for businesses does require an intelligent well thought-out strategy and on-going involvement. The typical payback includes increased sales, stronger brand strength, greater customer loyalty and more referral business. Whatcom Marketing’s services include creating a professional social media presence, creating and releasing engaging content aligned with a specific strategy and monitoring the market’s response in order to continually fine-tune the content and strategy.

“If your business sells to people in any form or fashion, you’re going to see a real cash-drawer benefit from a social media strategy,” said Whatcom Marketing founder, Joe Beaulaurier. “It takes a special customer-centric perspective, not advertising, to be successful with social media, something Whatcom Marketing is proud to be able to provide our clients.”

More information is available from the company’s web site at whatcommarketing.com.


About Whatcom Marketing

Whatcom Marketing is a consultancy founded by long-time marketing professional, Joe Beaulaurier, to serve small to mid-sized businesses’ fundamental yet often neglected marketing needs. Services offered are geared toward providing business owners with the knowledge and skills to become marketing self-sufficient in order to take their businesses to the next level.