It’s Pay to Play Time with Facebook

We knew it would happen eventually. They are taking away that which Facebook business page owners have been taking for granted for years. For some marketers it will require no change in execution but a great deal of change in expectation. For others, it will be a crushing blow of the uncontrollable loss of their singular or at least most effective marketing presence.

It has been taken for granted that content posted by a Facebook business page will be seen by all of its fans who visit Facebook within the few hours following and some even later. But that’s all about to changed. Continue reading “It’s Pay to Play Time with Facebook”

Important new todo item – Link Your Site and Google Plus Page

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If you’ve grown accustom to adding a plus sign ( “+” ) in front of words or quote-delimited phrases in your Google searches, things have changed and Google Plus is to be blamed.

In late October this year, attempts to use a plus sign in searches resulted in seeing a message instructing you to stop doing that and instead place quotes around words and phrases to be searched for literally (exactly as-is and required).

At first this change seemed confusing since it contradicted 15 years of how we have been trained to use search with all search engines, not just Google. Some assumed it had to do with searches referencing the new Google+ property.

Now that Google+ is supporting business profile pages, they have revealed the logic behind this change. Continue reading “Important new todo item – Link Your Site and Google Plus Page”

Is your website broken? 3 common mistakes.

A quick search in Google, Bing or Yahoo! can tell you if your web site is taking advantage of the millions of searches being conducted each day.

A lot of businesses have bought a domain and used some build-a-website-quickly tools in order to be found online. As a result, their websites look nice but don’t come anywhere near doing what they need to do, attract prospects. But some of the most commonly missing pieces can be easily found and fixed. They are:    Continue reading “Is your website broken? 3 common mistakes.”

Whatcom Sheriff Tests Online Crime Reporting

Anyone who has a web site that allows visitors to leave or submit messages knows there is an amazing number of people and automated processes (bots) scouring the Internet 24/7 looking to post messages anywhere. These range from rambling political rants to over-the-top advertising for pharmaceuticals. It’s very disheartening to say the least.

So it will be interesting to see how the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office’s new Online Crime Reporting service will cope with the noise. Granted, taunting law enforcement sites doesn’t demonstrate much intelligence but people will do so cloaked by proxy’d IP addresses and the like just because. Site visitors won’t see this but the workers on the back end will and they will need to be able to somehow filter out the mischevious from the valid without running the risk of ignoring bonafide reports.

I also wonder how long this has been in the works. The current Sheriff is facing re-election challenges from within his own ranks and not making use of low-cost technology to address an ever-increasing workload have been high on the list of election talking points. Regardless, this hopefully will work as intended since it definitely is a step in the right direction.