Facebook & Google Advertising working together

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Top 10 Whatcom Companies on Facebook

It’s time to recognize businesses who are putting it all “out there.” They have not only made the leap of faith to participate and engage the marketplace using Facebook, but are rocking it daily.

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Important new todo item – Link Your Site and Google Plus Page

As a Google+ profile owner, there are some things you need to do to take advantage of some inner-workings between your web site and Google+. Additionally, there is a specific way to properly connect your web site with your G+ profile and vice versa.

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Would you know if your customers were being ignored?

How many of you would be comfortable leaving your store unattended while you were out making deliveries? No one? Hmmm… interesting, because that’s pretty much the equivalent of what so many companies are doing right now.

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Whatcom Marketing Eliminates Social Media Barriers for Small Businesses

Whatcom Marketing has launched a number of social media management services that enable small business owners to enjoy the benefits of a solid social media strategy without the significant time investment and risk of embarrassing themselves by working without a plan or strategy.

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Fear of Social Media

I’ve been called all types of nasty names and accused of all sorts of malfeasance, of course, wrongfully so. Yet I continue to engage people on blogs, in forums and on social media sites who are being very critical of brands I represent. Is there something wrong with me or is there a method to this madness?

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