Opportunity for Budding Restaurateurs

Periodically I receive information about media opportunities for specific industries or businesses run by owners with specific backgrounds, challenges or unique solution sets. Today I received the following which someone out there may qualify for:

A new Food Network series is looking for FOOD ENTREPRENEURS. Specifically, people who have left their previous career to start a new restaurant (or similar business).

  • Must have little-to-no prior professional culinary experience.
  •  Must be planning to open a brick-and-mortar space where there will be walk-in customers (restaurant, bakery, sandwich shop, etc.).
  •  Must be aiming to open between now and autumn 2012.

Those chosen will receive culinary & business coaching from Bobby Flay (a chef, restaurateur, and fixture on the Food Network) as well as invaluable national publicity.

Those interested that fit the guidelines please email the following: Outline your timeline, budget, menu, team, and especially what’s at stake for you in this endeavor (why you are doing it and what risks, financial as well as personal, you are taking). We are highly interested in the “human-interest” angle of your story.

We’ve also set up a Twitter account- https://twitter.com/#!/RockShrimpProd and a Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Bobby-Flay-Project/285496171463077.

We’ll be accepting people’s stories through February, and are casting nationally.

For more information or question, contact Heather Brigss.

Heather Briggs
Rock Shrimp Productions
O: 646.747.4735

Is this opportunity for you?


20 Ways to Make Your Email Newsletter Great

I received this email recently and was taken by its overall content and design. It is an email from The Fountain Bistro & Drive-Thru in Bellingham (a favorite night time haunt for the wife and me). It has most everything I’d want in an email newsletter so I thought it’d be worthwhile to dissect it step-by-step for you.

If it’s too hard to read in it’s shrunken state here, you can open a full size in a new tab/window by clicking here.
Continue reading “20 Ways to Make Your Email Newsletter Great”

Using press releases to announce tough decisions

Graphic credit: nimbusrestaurant.com

Times are tough for a lot of industries, especially restaurants. So what do you do when the time comes to consider cutting your losses or changing your direction? Josh Silverman, owner/chef at Nimbus Restaurant, took the high-road of total transparency and issued a press release posted a letter on Facebook. He even did it a month ahead of time.

For many business owners, going public with less than upbeat news is right up there with volunteering for an IRS audit, scary stuff. But Silverman or his hired public relations professional (I would love to know who) did this very well. Continue reading “Using press releases to announce tough decisions”