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Social media servicesYou hear it everywhere, “Every business’ marketing strategy should have a social media component.” After all, it is a very cost-effective means to find leads, increase sales, generate more market awareness and improve your brand’s strength.

But if you’re like most small businesses, you and your staff are busy taking care of daily business at hand. Even if you had the time, it probably seems daunting to step up to the podium and start speaking to your customers and prospects via such very public forums. Questions arise such as, “How do we deal with complaints? What if someone points out our failings? Won’t our competitors be watching? What do our fans want to hear from us?”

Whatcom Marketing’s Social Media Management services can provide your company with a strategy that is easy to create and simple to manage. You can choose to have WM manage all aspects of engaging your fans or simply have WM do the setup  and provide your staff with training to successfully engage them on your company’s behalf.

By working with Whatcom Marketing to implement and manage your Social Media strategy, you get a professionals who know the mechanical inner-workings of search engines, social media platforms and user behavior. You also get people who are passionately customer-centric representing your company.

Let Whatcom Marketing spend the time needed, use the special tools required and implement the expertise needed to guide your company away from public relations pitfalls and on to sales and referrals success, leaving you to do what you do best — run your company and take care of your customers.


Services Available

Setup Your Company’s Online Presence

No online presence yet? Whatcom Marketing will create a professional online presence for your company spread across local directories and social media services specific to your company’s image and audience. These can include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, Foursquare, Google Places and many more. Whatcom Marketing will also create website which will serve as your online base of operations; containing all your company’s articles, photos, videos, customer reviews, etc.

Adjust and Update Existing Online Assets

Does your company already have a web site, blog, directory profiles and/or social media fan pages? Whatcom Marketing will review and update each to ensure they are serving your online visibility strategy and not hurting it.

Monitor the Online Chatter

Would you know if people have been posting reviews and mentioning your company online? Do you know these comments linger and influence prospects’ choices for years? So it is very important to know what’s being said and where so you can address potential problems or dispel inaccurate claims against your company.

Whatcom Marketing will monitor the Internet and notify you when your company and/or products are mentioned in either a positive or negative light. We can also help you respond appropriately. We can also monitor for mentions of your industry, competitors and whatever terms or brands you would like to be kept aware of.

Engage and Participate in the Online Conversations

The most time consuming and delicate part of social media management is starting and participating in online conversations. These provide your current and prospective customers the opportunity to learn more about your company and its products and services. Your current customers will often take these opportunities to provide unsolicited reviews and promote your company to their friends. There are also many opportunities to promote your trade partners and cooperative interests which often results in them promoting your company in return.

This is extremely difficult to accomplish and maintain in an effective and professional way if you are not sitting at a computer all day or if you are not familiar with the technical mechanics and interpersonal ettiquette of the many places where these conversations occur.


Staff who will be monitoring and engaging online conversations on behalf of your company should be trained to avoid the common public relations pitfalls and take advantage of the biggest sales and referral opportunities. Whatcom Marketing can provide this training and be available to assist as your staff develops their social media abilities.


Contact us today and let us know how we can best help your company.

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