Search Engine Optimizaton (SEO)

So much has been written about search engine optimization methods and strategies. But for all that effort, very little has been done to explain why performing this voo-doo on your web site and across the Internet is even important to your business.

First, consider the dramatically reduced amount of money smart companies are spending on conventional advertising over the last ten years. Why? The audience has been declining dramatically. Why? People are picking up magazines and newspapers less and getting their news from Internet sites. People are getting their music and video entertainment from portable players and Internet services more and broadcast radio and television less. When people are looking for a business, service or product they are more likely to search the Internet from their computer or phone than to pick up a phone book.

What does this mean to you?

It means your ability to reach your best prospects at the very moment they are interested in what you offer has dramatically increased and it costs very little to accomplish.

People are searching for what they want all day at work and all night at home. Whether the need is a special type of bar-code scanner for their company’s warehouse operations, a cup-holder that will fit their elderly parent’s walker or asking friends to recommendation a local plumber, it is all happening online.

If several pages from your company’s web site and other sites (review sites, social media, etc.) can be easily found and by your best prospects and recognized as offering what they’re searching for, we call that “search engine optimized.” If your customers, staff and friends are able to point out your web site to their friends from within the search engines’ results, we call that “search engine optimized.”

In short, buidling an online presence that attracts your best prospects and empowering your web site and other parts of your Internet presence to engage them to make a purchase or, at the least, make an inquiry about your offerings is why search engine optimization is important to you.

Joe Beaulaurier of Whatcom Marketing has a successful track record of achieving high online visibility by applying common sense SEO strategies both on and off clients’ web sites. Fill out the form in the sidebar to find out if this is something you should be doing too.

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