Public Relations

The term, public relations, typically conjures up an image of someone at a press conference trying to B.S. their way out of a bad situation of their company’s making. Today, quite the opposite is, or at least should be, true.

Public relations is a part of marketing that addresses your company’s reputation in the community. For some, the community is merely a few blocks or miles square. For others, your community can be world-wide. In either case, demonstrating to your community how you do good by them and for them gives your company and extra boost. This boost can occur during the sales process or after an employee or company policy creates a negative backlash.

Public relations done right includes being able to monitor your reputation, address positive and negative situations appropriately and in a timely manner and pre-emptively provide information to build confidence in your company, your staff and your way of doing business.

Who are you most likely to invite into your home to fix a leaky pipe, the company that just sent their employees to a customer service seminar (which you read about because they sent out a press release) or the company that mailed you a coupon?

If you said the company with the coupon offer, you represent a very unloyal and therefore undesireable segment of the market who’s business is always up for grabs. But if you the other company, you represent the most desireable type of customer who values quality over price and will be most likely to be a repeat customer.

Whatcom Marketing’s public relations efforts dove-tail in with our other services in order to create a coordinated strategy that is greater than the sum of its parts.