Direct Marketing

Direct marketing can include email newsletters, direct mail and telemarketing campaigns.In contradiction to most everything else you may see on the Whatcom Marketing web site, not all marketing should be online and not all marketing should be ‘pull’ marketing. We would be amiss in our duties to you if we did not recommend and assist with developing campaigns that include prospecting phone calls, email marketing and direct postal mail. While there is a lot to be said (and a lot of it is said here) about new media marketing, marketing and ‘pull’ marketing, we would be leaving a lot of opportunities on the table if we stopped being direct marketers.

Direct marketing done with your best prospects’ needs, wants and language in mind will be far more successful per dollar spent. Training sales staff to identify their best prospects and know which messenge will best resonate with that prospect is one way to accomplish this. The same can be said for email and direct mail efforts.

And, as always, implementing a means to measure results will enable encouraging targeting and messaging that engages and discouraging that which probably only serves to annoy.

Whatcom Marketing has recently begun utilizing MailChimp for client email marketing efforts. This enables us to provide you, our client, with useful real-time access to information about your email campaigns through our client dashboard.

We also have a long history with Constant Contact and other email service providers, large and small, so we can increase your email performance if you are already entrenched elsewhere.