Content Marketing

Content marketing is a term coined only recently to explain the rationale behind the most important elements of blogging, social media marketing, search engine optimization and, to some extent, public relations.

As we know, conventional advertising is a very expensive way to attempt to reach your target market with your messaging. After decades of being bombarded with advertising, people have grown mostly immune to it. Today, the best way to reach your market is no longer to ‘push’ your message to them, expecting them to change their behavior. Instead, placing content where it can be found, enabling your best prospects to ‘pull’ in information about what they want, need and/or are looking for. Such content must be informative, entertaining, relevant and in a form that your market is most interested in. This includes blogging, podcasting, videos, social media comments and posts and online distributed press releases.

Content marketing is not a one-time effort. For it to work effectively, there must be a continuous effort to produce content while also metering engagement to prevent producing uninteresting content and to increase the amount of content your market finds interesting and useful.

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