Reputation Management Irony

Gerry Kahrmann/Postmedia News Service

A short post today but an incredibly ironic one.

Yesterday, an hour’s drive from here, all hell broke out in the name of the Stanley Cup. Anarchists and miscellaneous other idiots took the occasion to crap in their own living room by trashing buildings, vehicles and whatever other property that didn’t fight back.

Today, the Internet is overflowing with loads of digital pictures and videos uploaded from phones and the like. Thus shining a bright and globally visible light on those responsible (probably the only time the term, responsible, is used when referring to them). Lots of sites and Facebook pages sprang up to match names with faces using the same mob mentality (uber-democratic) which exposes the effort to libel and slander claims but all-the-same interesting to watch.

And now the irony…

Yesterday, Google announced its contribution to the reputation management industry with the new “Me on the Web” addition to its user dashboard. In short, it can alert you when Google finds “your data” online.

They are likely to get a lot of interest from Vancouver, BC right away. Just sayin…

Update: A silver lining to the riots and vandalism is that some Vancouverites have taken to the streets to help clean-up the damage downtown. Volunteers have been using the hashtag #ThisIsMyVancouver to chronicle their efforts.

Twitter account @VancouverClean also seems to be marshaling volunteers and spreading the word.

(from National Post)

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  1. One of those Facebook pages, “Report Canuck RIOT Morons” already has 20,000+ likes. People are posting up pictures and trying to identify them. That wasn’t happening in 1994 (last Vancouver Stanley Cup loss).

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