Reclaim Control of your Website with this Owner’s Audit

website-owner-audit-form-tiltedAre you the owner of a company with a website being maintained by staff or contractors? What would happen if that staff or contractor became unreachable or, worse yet, began engaging in a vendetta against your company on your website? Are you in a position to assert your ownership and control of your website?

Or maybe the staff and/or contractors have moved on and you may need to hire someone else to step in and keep things working from time to time. Are you able to give them the access they need?

You may not know how to update your website but you still need to be able to hand over the keys to others who can. Providing the following information is how you do that. Take the time and locate and record the following information so you’ll never get locked out of your own online assets.

Click the button below to download this simple form to collect and record the different credentials required to assert control and ownership over your website.