Not all angry customers deserve to be made happy

In this age of the Internet and people having hundreds of followers on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, an unhappy customer can spread their version of what happened quicker than you can say, “What have you been smoking?”

In most cases, someone or something in your business screwed up and it’s likely you will need to address the incident and make changes to prevent it from reoccurring. But what if you did the right thing and it meant someone got a bum’s rush? That’s exactly what happened when a girl got booted for texting on her phone during a movie. For the sake of the other theatre goers, this theatre pissed her off.

But from this situation came some very effective messaging perfectly packaged to be both informative and entertaining to ensure the problem doesn’t occur again.

Read the full story and hear the message at Movie Theater Strikes Back Against Angry Texting Girl – BusinessInsider.

Or just listen to the theatre’s new PSA here

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