Make every day Small Business day

American Express has created a merchant promotion declaring  today, the day after “Black Friday,” “Small Business Day”  for the second year. While drawing attention to the benefits of doing business with Small Businesses it’s simply geared to move the needle one day. I suggest all small business owners make every day “Small Business Day” and in doing so make the rest of the year dwarf AE’s efforts to move the needle one day.

As business owners we are charged with

  • identifying our best prospective customers’ pain
  • providing the best product and service bundles and packaging to address this pain
  • being personally involved in the purchase and support processes
  • making certain the best prospects are aware of the solution
  • keeping our eyes and ears wide open for ways to correct and improve

The end result is

  • faster turning inventories
  • tremendous word-of-mouth marketing reach
  • involved staff
  • more repeat business
  • customers who know your name


Feel free to contact Whatcom Marketing if you would like assistance with any of the above. We love small businesses and want you succeed.