Fun Marketing Friday – June 17th

Image credit: Larson Gross web site
It’s been a busy day today. Prepping the house, yard and food for high school graduation celebration tomorrow as well as squeezing in a little mid-afternoon meeting.

But enough about me. This Fun Marketing Friday post is about a local company that is in an industry that, by any means of comparison, is usually considered as exciting as a popcorn fart. There are a lot of industries that could fit this description, banking, drywalling, collections, etc. But in this case, it is accounting.

Typically, this industry’s messaging is stoic, formal and unexciting. After all, accountants are serious, intelligent, and absorbed with numbers and accounting rules and principals. “Accountants on vacation” is supposed to be a humorous oxymoron.

So what does a marketing professional at an accounting firm do when charged with creating messaging that will catch your eye in a positive and informative light.

You need only take a look at Larson Gross’ web site to see many different examples of light-hearted, whimsical approaches to portraying accountants as fun-loving and caring humans, more than simply “bean counters.”

A couple of my favorites:

Less Bow Tie. More Relationship

A business doesn’t ask for pictures of your children. People do.

If you need an accountant, are you going to gravitate toward stiff and formal or friendly and personable? If you are one of their clients, are you going to feel more like giving a referal when they represent themselves this way? It works for me.


Transparency: I’ve been seen socializing with Larson Gross’ marketing manager, Wendy Eickmeyer, on occasion. She’s a hoot and very smart. Larson Gross is lucky to have her.