Fun Marketing Friday – June 10th

Maybe this should be the first of a regular series of “Fun Marketing Friday” posts. Seems like a good idea and a nice way to end the work week.

I came across the following example of some spontaneous collaborative¬†“fun marketing” in my Facebook newsfeed today:

Facebook Make Nice Nice co-marketing

This is good example of making “nice-nice” with vendor-partners in a public forum. When done correctly, you can help increase the visibility of your vendors with your audience who will in turn be likely to do the same for you. Unfortunately, neither party in this exchange took advantage of tagging the other so the cross-pollination didn’t occur as much as it could. But the intention was there as were the mutual nice feelings.


Note to self … explain the benefits and how to tag when commenting about yours and other fan pages on Facebook in a future post on Whatcom Marketing.