Fixing the “Doom Loop”

My fellow marketer and press release writer extraordinaire, Dave Brumbaugh, recently reminded me of the “Doom Loop” that so many companies find themselves in.

“The marketing doom loop happens when you allow yourself to think that you do not need marketing when business is good and cannot afford marketing when business is bad.”

This adage has its cause rooted in fear. This can simply be a fear of making a mistake or even fear of success. I am complete empathetic to these feelings as I stake out on my own with Whatcom Marketing. So what is there to do about breaking free from the “deer in the headlights” or “doom loop” situations?

I came across an interesting article, Leading Out of the Doom Loop: How to Dissolve Fear and Ignite Innovation, that goes into a lot of detail and provides step-by-step processes for dealing with such situations. But I’m not one to get into such minutiae so this article’s takeaway for me was:

“the discipline of writing the fear will focus your mind on it and will help start
your natural problem solving abilities.”

In other words, if you see yourself avoiding doing something you know you should be doing, sit down and pencil in hand and start writing about it. It’s a very painless, yet effective, process that enables you to focus your mind on the issue and see yourself writing out how you’re currently dealing with it, what the results are and what options are available.

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So now you have thought it out and given yourself a path forward and can add these things to your “to do” list. You do have a “to do” list, right?