Facebook is Getting into Search … Finally

Facebook Graph Search splashFacebook recently announced they are jumping into the all-so-important online realm of search. Frankly, I’ve been dismayed that they haven’t leveraged the search box on their site AT ALL. But now Facebook is announcing a specialized search feature (apparently separate from the general search box) called Graph Search.

Graph Search is a terrible name since 90% of Facebook users are unlikely to get the reference to “Social Graph,” a reference to a person’s online social footprint and how it interconnects with everyone else’s. But there it is.

Facebook is positioned to be a very useful search resource given the great number of people, companies and products already maintaining elaborate positions. If somehow a tipping point is achieved and Facebook can become a high-volume search resource for a specific demographic or a searchers in general, this could create a new opportunity for marketers seeking visibility. Keep your eye on it.