End of the Organic Facebook Heyday

If you’ve been riding the Facebook wave to promote your business for the past few years it’s been quite an easy process. Build a fan base and then know that your posts will be visible to a good portion of these fans. It wasn’t unusual to achieve 40-50% reach back in the day. Then Facebook went public and began serving its stockholders. We saw reach averages cut in half overnight but Facebook offered the solution, paid promotion to your fans and more. And more recently, there’s been another dramatic decline resulting in an organic reach below 5%.

The timing for this was convenient for us marketers as we use the end of year down-time to reassess and reprioritize where to place our efforts.

In light of this recent change with organic Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and email will be getting greater emphasis given Facebook’s new weakness.

Note,┬áif you have the budget for it, there’s still a worthwhile ROI to paid promotion Facebook for most businesses.

If you need to reassess your marketing efforts or need assistance with implementing new marketing initiatives, contact Whatcom Marketing.

Article Name
End of the Organic Facebook Heyday
It's time to reconsider what real marketing value Facebook provides businesses and at what cost. Things aren't as they once were now that we have to pay for our fans to see what we post.