Don’t waste your time and money on marketing

Source: sugarmonster via Flickr

I’m a cheapskate by nature. That means while I may miss a good opportunity now and then because it is too expensive, it also means I always gravitate towards the most effective and efficient marketing methods. That’s what I do for my clients in an effort to gain them Fortune 500 visibility and strategy on a mom-and-pop store budget. Even back in the days when I sold advertising, if I thought the client was asking me to waste their money (e.g. when they’d say, “Let’s run a couple ads and see what happens”), I preferred to forgo the commission than to be party to wasting their money.

This rationale is behind the design and pricing of one of the first complete social media management service offerings. It has been designed to be specifically beneficial for business owners/operators who have no way to create and maintain a strong professional online presence since they’re working sun-up to sun-down with barely enough time for the occasional lunch. While social media done right can bring in a substantial amount of new business and more frequent repeat business, it also requires a lot of time, special tools, technical expertise and a passionately customer-centric personality.

So I recommend not wasting your time and money. Contact us today and let us set you up with the most effective marketing strategy and/or social media management plan for your budget. We are also happy to train you and your staff to become marketing self-reliant.