Bellingham – Lynden – Blaine – Ferndale Business Networking

Need to know more business people? Need more people to know you? Are you interested to get the word out about your company? The following is a list of groups and events held in and around Bellingham to consider joining and attending.

Remember, we all put our pants on one leg at a time. You shouldn’t worry that you’re going to meet people who won’t be interested in you or your company. You shouldn’t worry that you’re not going to represent your company as best you should. You shouldn’t worry about these things because each and every other person you’re going to talk to is going to be worrying about those same things themselves. So there’s no reason you both have to.

Simply meet people. Let them know what you and your company are able to do for the right prospects and let the conversation flow from there. Leave the tap shoes at home. They’re not a good idea.

Here’s a list in no particular order:


Please let me know if a business/community group is missing from this list. As long as it’s not promoting a political or religious agenda, it probably should be on the list.


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