DIY Marketing

The Do-It-Yourself Marketing Resource List

Did your boss just announce you are in charge of marketing and your first assignment is to find all advertising options available and their costs? Or are you a sole proprietor and feel like you need to be doing something to encourage new business but are not sure where to start? Either way, you are not alone.

While marketing is second only to cashflow as the reason for most businesses failing, it seems ironic many people feel marketing (actually it’s a misnomer in this context as well) is just something you do. No research or planning behind the effort, it just gets checked off the to-do list. Maybe that is the reason so many businesses fail in their first year. While I don’t advise DIY marketing, sometimes you don’t have a choice. So if you insist, the least I can do is help.

Below is list of links to many of the Whatcom County marketing resources you will need if you want to undertake some or all of your company’s marketing: