Public Relations, Your New Name is Outreach

During the past decade, successful marketing strategies have been rewritten and dramatically so. With audiences moving away from traditional media to ‘new’ media channels, the inexpensiveness of online content creation and the ability to attract qualified leads via search engine optimization it was possible to create ones own marketing ‘gravity’ to attract prospects without relying on the media or anyone else to push them. But, that too, is beginning to change. Continue reading “Public Relations, Your New Name is Outreach”

Opportunity for Budding Restaurateurs

Periodically I receive information about media opportunities for specific industries or businesses run by owners with specific backgrounds, challenges or unique solution sets. Today I received the following which someone out there may qualify for:

A new Food Network series is looking for FOOD ENTREPRENEURS. Specifically, people who have left their previous career to start a new restaurant (or similar business).

  • Must have little-to-no prior professional culinary experience.
  •  Must be planning to open a brick-and-mortar space where there will be walk-in customers (restaurant, bakery, sandwich shop, etc.).
  •  Must be aiming to open between now and autumn 2012.

Those chosen will receive culinary & business coaching from Bobby Flay (a chef, restaurateur, and fixture on the Food Network) as well as invaluable national publicity.

Those interested that fit the guidelines please email the following: Outline your timeline, budget, menu, team, and especially what’s at stake for you in this endeavor (why you are doing it and what risks, financial as well as personal, you are taking). We are highly interested in the “human-interest” angle of your story.

We’ve also set up a Twitter account-!/RockShrimpProd and a Facebook page –

We’ll be accepting people’s stories through February, and are casting nationally.

For more information or question, contact Heather Brigss.

Heather Briggs
Rock Shrimp Productions
O: 646.747.4735

Is this opportunity for you?


Whatcom Marketing Eliminates Social Media Barriers for Small Businesses

Ferndale, WA – September 19, 2011

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter provide small businesses a very cost-effective way to attract new customers and build their referral business. But it is something they are often not able to take advantage of due to time and expertise constraints. This is why Whatcom Marketing has launched a number of social media management services that enable small business owners to enjoy the benefits of a solid social media strategy without the significant time investment and risk of embarrassing themselves by working without a plan or strategy.

Continue reading “Whatcom Marketing Eliminates Social Media Barriers for Small Businesses”

Reputation Management Irony

Gerry Kahrmann/Postmedia News Service

A short post today but an incredibly ironic one.

Yesterday, an hour’s drive from here, all hell broke out in the name of the Stanley Cup. Anarchists and miscellaneous other idiots took the occasion to crap in their own living room by trashing buildings, vehicles and whatever other property that didn’t fight back.

Today, the Internet is overflowing with loads of digital pictures and videos uploaded from phones and the like. Thus shining a bright and globally visible light on those responsible (probably the only time the term, responsible, is used when referring to them). Lots of sites and Facebook pages sprang up to match names with faces using the same mob mentality (uber-democratic) which exposes the effort to libel and slander claims but all-the-same interesting to watch.

And now the irony… Continue reading “Reputation Management Irony”

Did the IRS just revoke your not-for-profit status?

153 Whatcom County not-for-profit organizations just lost their IRS-given tax-exempt status for “failing to file an annual information return or notice with the IRS for three consecutive years.”

Losing that status subjects organizations to paying taxes on future donations. But, upon closer examination, it appears the revocation is effective as of May of last year. This would put all donations received since then in the taxable income column of the organizations’ tax returns.

275,000 nonprofits across the nation lost their tax-exempt status this way. It is likely that many are no longer operating but this could come as a very big surprise to the rest.


Whatcom County organizations on the list Continue reading “Did the IRS just revoke your not-for-profit status?”

National sustainable business conference – June 14-17

“The 9th annual Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) Conference will be held in Bellingham June 14-17 at Western Washington University, and will bring dozens of renowned speakers from across the United States and more than 600 business owners, government officials and network leaders from business networks similar to Sustainable Connections.”

WM NOTE: Do you have a product or service that would appeal to the hundreds of attendees at this event but can’t afford to attend or exhibit? Consider a sponsorship, distributing reuseable door hangers with your message on them at the hotels (I’m spit-balling here and have no idea how well the hotels would entertain this idea so don’t take this as proof of feasibility), and/or advertising on the WTA buses they get to ride on for free.


Read the full story here –> National sustainable business conference in town June 14 | BBJ Today.

Bellingham Chamber of Commerce | Strictly Networking

Increase your People Power and join us at the inaugural Strictly Networking Event! If you are looking to increase your visibility and meet some great people then we have your place. The Strictly Networking is speed dating for networkers. Full of high-energy, hard-hitting, relationship building networking. This event is designed to provide local professionals with the best opportunities to expand their networks, build relationships, and grow their businesses in Bellingham. Bring plenty of business cards every 4th Tuesday of the month.
When: Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Time: 3:30 – 5:30pm
Cost: $5 for members and $10 for non-members

Whatcom Young Professionals – Bakerview “Morning Buzz” at Woods Coffee in Bellingham, WA – Zvents

Whatcom Young Professionals – “Morning Buzz”

Flatiron (Prospect St.), Tuesdays, 7-8am
Lynden (by Safeway), Tuesdays, 8-9am
Ferndale (Main St.), Tuesdays, 8:30-9:30am
Downtown (Railroad Ave.), Wednesdays 8-9am
Bakerview, Thursdays 8:30-9:30am

Get the local business “buzz” while creating deeper connections each week with fellow Whatcom Young Professionals members.

Event Website

via Whatcom Young Professionals – Bakerview “Morning Buzz” at Woods Coffee in Bellingham, WA – Zvents.