Where Did My Heroes Go?

Several years ago, I traveled the search engine and online marketing trade show circuits and made friends with some very smart people in the space. Over time I was able to weed out those who simply were part of the … Continue reading

How to Avoid Falling into the Coupon Trap

I seem to keep having this conversation so hang in there while I engage in a little blogging therapy as I think aloud in this article trying to align my messaging with my thought processes. Fact: The people who come to … Continue reading

Businesses Turn to Social Media During Harsh Weather

The very Northwestern corner of Washington State is mostly at or near sea-level and as such rarely sees temperatures below freezing. So it was very inconvenient and uncomfortable to endure temperatures in the teens with near zero wind chill during … Continue reading

Top 10 Whatcom Companies on Facebook

It’s time to recognize businesses who are putting it all “out there.” They have not only made the leap of faith to participate and engage the marketplace using Facebook, but are rocking it daily.

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Content Curating for Fun and Profit

Becoming a trusted source of relevant and useful content is a rewarding way to earn a much appreciated if not expert status with your customers, peers and prospects.

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Bellingham marketing – A unique small business challenge

The quirkiness of the consumers in Whatcom County can make doing business here a challenge. Does this explain why local businesses remain, for the most part, ‘offline’ to them?

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Creating retail holiday buzz without being a Scrooge

Save your holiday sales season by creating a promotion in cooperative marketing that rises above the noise, draws in large crowds and encourages community involvement.

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