Business Networking

Business networking is either a necessary evil of mandatory recreation (you will like it dammit!) or a great excuse to get out of the office and hang with fellow local business people, one of which could be your next big client.

Either way, it has proven itself over the years to be a very effective means of  

  • putting a face on your business
  • participating in community activities
  • increasing your salesforce by the number of people who now know who your best prospects are and will refer likely refer a few you will never ever meet otherwise

So let’s say I’ve convinced you with my silvery words that it’s time you got out there and networked. The next question is with who and where are they. It is with that question in mind that Whatcom Marketing is now hosting the list of Bellingham Business Marketing Groups and Events list.

So why are you still here? Go. Now. Click!

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