About Joe Beaulaurier

Joe Beaulaurier is the founder of Whatcom Marketing, a marketing consultancy serving small to mid-size companies' marketing needs in the Bellingham area and one of the first to provide full-service social media management services. &nbsp Involved with online business for more than 20 years, Beaulaurier's sales experience and industry evangelism make him a recognized and respected marketing professional.

Creating retail holiday buzz without being a Scrooge

Save your holiday sales season by creating a promotion in cooperative marketing that rises above the noise, draws in large crowds and encourages community involvement.

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Important new todo item – Link Your Site and Google Plus Page

As a Google+ profile owner, there are some things you need to do to take advantage of some inner-workings between your web site and Google+. Additionally, there is a specific way to properly connect your web site with your G+ profile and vice versa.

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Is your website broken? 3 common mistakes.

A lot of businesses have bought a domain and used some build-a-website-quickly tools in order to be found online. As a result, their websites look nice but don’t come anywhere near doing what they need to do, attract prospects. But some of the most commonly missing pieces can be easily found and fixed.

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Business Networking

Business networking is either a necessary evil of mandatory recreation (you will like it dammit!) or a great excuse to get out of the office and hang with fellow local business people, one of which could be your next big client.

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Loathing coupons

I do, I really loathe coupons and for good reason. Very few businesses have ever helped themselves using them. And until only recently have entire industries (read pizza delivery) been held hostage by them.

The reason is that a coupon will bring you customers who:

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