And so it begins

There is still lots to do but it seems the time is right to unveil and make available the services of Whatcom Marketing.

I’ve been spending a lot of time developing and designing processes to be implemented in the various stages of serving clients. The goal behind this effort is to create efficiencies to ensure minimal impact on the clients’ resources while also providing the most useful deliverable or outcome. It’s inevitable that all this will need to be adjusted, fine-tuned, and some even tossed out and started over but at least we have a starting point. And, as a believer in lean methods, time will always be allotted to ensure constant review and improvement.

My greatest worry is Whatcom Marketing may be seen as just another “hoity toity” marketing company that is tall on trendy posturing that does nothing more than feeds clients’ egoes and short on delivering actual market driving solutions. So I will be doing much to counter-act and defeat such impressions before they get started.

It’s time to eat my own dog food as they say. I’ve been entrenched in many of the same processes and research for myself that I will be doing for my clients. I’m my first client and I’m happy to say I’ve been most helpful and willing to implement everything that’s been recommended.

I’ve spent a lot of time recently ringing up friends and business owner acquiantances offering my services for free. They have been the most patient and grateful guinea pigs I could have hoped for. I have made it a point to select from a wide variety of industries and businesses in various phases of their growth. They’ve ranged from an international wireless telecom company to a relatively new local retail storefront. For their patience and tolerance as I figured out how best to serve, I will be always grateful.

Soon, this post will be buried by the many to follow that I hope will serve anyone looking to improve their company’s marketing efforts. And if you decide to give me an opportunity to demonstrate how I can help, so much the better for both of us.