Joe Beaulaurier, founder of Whatcom Marketing
Joe Beaulaurier, founder of Whatcom Marketing

While Whatcom Marketing is a relatively new entity, it’s founder, Joe Beaulaurier, has been contributing for decades to the marketing success of many businesses, both locally and globally.

For more than 20 years, Beaulaurier has been helping companies sculpt and fine-tune their marketing in order to grow their businesses. His background spans selling products to consumers who just walked in off the street to C-level executives attending his boardroom presentation. He has had responsibility for the development and profitability of several products and services and served as marketing manager and CMO for companies ranging from storefront retail to global online service providers. He has been invited to speak at industry events and taught advertising, marketing and PR agencies’ staff best practices for both them and their clients.

Beaulaurier is best known for his ability to speak plainly, avoiding the typical marketing double-speak. He is able to view a business from the 30,000-foot level while paying attention to and identifying the details that matter. And, while having developed an exceptional track record as an online marketer, Beaulaurier realizes online methods sometimes should only be a small part of a company’s overall marketing strategy and will often work with more “offline” methods before developing online channels and campaigns.

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