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Joe Beaulaurier - Whatcom MarketingBased in the Bellingham Washington area, Whatcom Marketing is a fancy name that Joe Beaulaurier works from while providing web site development and maintenance, search engine visibility, social media management, online advertising and direct marketing services.

Unlike many other online marketing advisers, Joe provides decades of sales and marketing expertise along with an in-depth understanding of business operations and customer response to various messaging. Working with Joe means gaining years of experience behind the methods and procedures.

Key components of a successful marketing strategy

Approaching SEO search engine optimization from within the web siteSearch Engine Optimizaton (SEO)
Right now people are searching for your products/services. Is your web site invisible to them or does it create its own gravity? You would be surprised how many beautiful sites are invisible to search engines.
Content marketing can include blog posts, videos, podcasts, case studies and whitepapers.Content Marketing
People are taking advantage of the ability to skip past commercials, get their news where and when they want and listen to music on a MP3 player. Conventional advertising is not the panacea it once was. Now we need to create interesting, informative, entertaining and relevant content and make it ‘findable.’
Social mediaSocial Media
Who knew people would spend more time on Facebook than any other site and be interacting with more people than they’ve seen in years? They are and that means you need to have a presence there to encourage your customers to refer their friends and help each other to get the most from your products and services. Notice I didn’t say ‘sell?’ There’s an art to this stuff.
Direct marketing can include email newsletters, direct mail and telemarketing campaigns.Direct Marketing
People are as busy today as they ever were. This means you still need to reach out directly to your best prospects and ask for a moment of their time. Email, direct mail and telemarketing remain the most effective means of starting a relationship with your prospects and continuing to build on the ones with your current customers.
Public Relations - Whatcom MarketingPublic Relations
Are your customers proud or embarrassed to say they do business with your company? What is your reputation? Ongoing public relations enables your company to promote the good it does and to be ready to identify, take responsibility and visibly resolve any issues when it stumbles.

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